Tuesday, October 9, 2012

a birthday girl!

Over the past weekend we celebrated my daughter's 5th (!!!) turn around the sun. A little bit of the shock has worn off but man! My little baby is a KID! She amazes me at the charming, silly, witty little lady that she is. People comment frequently on how full of personality she is and they're so right. This girl is so vivacious and passionate. It has been so cool to see her grow into who she is.
Each day for the past two weeks she would look at the calendar to countdown how many days until she was five. There was a lot of build up to this birthday! Isn't that how it goes when you're a kid though? 
 Because I get to spend the days with her, my husband has always done bedtime. But every night, after her teeth are brushed and stories are read and she's all tucked in, she says, "Tell mom to snuggle me!"And so I do. Admittedly sometimes begrudgingly. I'm realizing though that those days may be over soon so I'm really trying to make sure I soak it in. One day I'll be the one asking (begging?) her for snuggles.
 We spent the day before her birthday with lunch at Vertical Diner (a vegan restaurant) and at the Natural History Museum of Utah which is such an amazing place. Especially to see artifacts from people who lived right where we do but many many moons ago, it's just awe inspiring. 
 We made this cake and spent a lovely Sun Day at home. We like to keep it simple but meaningful. For the past two years, rather than a big party, we've made birthdays be family days. We all agree it's such a pleasant way to spend the day!
The days may be long but the years are without a doubt astonishingly short. The consolation is that I'm her mama and can join her on this journey. 
She makes me laugh; she makes me cry; she made me a mama.
And I love her so.
One day old!

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