Monday, November 7, 2011

curiouser and curiouser

It is truly amazing what a little effort and time to nurture self can do.
In the 3 weeks since my weight loss challenge began, I have lost about 5 pounds and gained energy, discipline, strength and motivation.
Rather than start with drastic lifestyle changes that would likely overwhelm and lead to burn-out, I've put my effort toward simple swaps that have had big impact.
I encourage anyone on a weight loss journey to begin their first four weeks with these simple steps
(the hard stuff can come later, once these have become habit):

:: Get some sleep! And be consistent. Try to get to bed and wake up at the same time each day... yes, even on weekends. Learn what your body needs... I shoot for 7 1/2 to 8 hours each night.
:: Plan meals and snacks. Find a free template online or create your own. I plan my week's meals a few days in advance so I'm never caught off guard come meal time.
:: Drink water- I drink at least 60 ounces daily, just shy of one ounce per inch of my height. Drink a glass first thing in the morning and often throughout the day.
:: Eat 'power foods'. I like the Abs Diet list.
:: Eat often. Seems counterintuitive but if you get too hungry, you'll probably overdo it the next time.
:: Take a multivitamin and fish oil. I take mine just before bed so my body can first absorb nutrients from the food I eat throughout the day.
:: Eliminate refined sugar as much as possible. Raw honey, (real) maple syrup, stevia, sucanat and agave are good alternatives.
:: Decrease alcohol consumption.
:: Eliminate temptation. Get rid of the junk food in your cupboards. If you're anything like me, if it's there, you'll eat it.
:: Replace processed foods with whole foods.
:: Remember: this meal is not your last. Learn and listen to your body's fullness cues and stop eating when you're satisfied. There's no need to clear your plate at each meal. Serve yourself less to begin with if you have a hard time throwing away food.
:: Start exercising. Start small and do what you can for now. Remember the hard stuff can come later.
:: Be flexible. Life happens. Plan for slip-ups and changes to your routine. This isn't all or nothing.
:: Be gentle, set goals and remind yourself why you are doing this.

{disclaimer... I am not a professional or expert... this is what has worked for me... I encourage you to do your own research and discuss weight loss and fitness goals with a professional}

Also, tell people about your goal. Spread the word that your are on a path to transform your body and life! If they love you, they'll encourage you, cheer you on and keep you in check when you face temptation or discouragement.



  1. You should check out this blog, this woman has set a goal to eat a high percentage of raw foods and she shares beautiful pictures of the things she eats.

    I miss the green layout, but I'm proud of you for getting your own button! :)

  2. Thanks! I took forever trying to figure it out!
    I'm experimenting with the design. I may call you for some guidance!