Thursday, November 10, 2011

I am having an existential crisis.

It seems silly to be so influenced by a damn documentary, but I recently watched How the Earth Was Made and ever since I can't stop thinking: what if nothing matters
The film is basically a timeline of the planet's creation and is really quite fascinating.
 Once it reaches present day however, it doesn't stop. 
It continues with predictions of an ice age in so many thousand years and the eventual death of the planet in a few billion. 
Yes, I realize I will be loooong gone at this point but I can't get over the fact that 
no matter what we do, create, think or believe,
 our beloved blue and green will go the way of barren Mars. 
Am I a nihilist?
I just feel like, what's the point? I haven't given up... I plan to live a full life. But still,
 I will die, the Earth will die. 
It's the end beautiful friends...

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