Saturday, November 24, 2012

Small Business Saturday

In honor of Small Business Saturday, I want to share a handful of my favorite small businesses with you. 
I love that when you buy from a small business, you are directly helping out real live people and their families. It's a wonderful feeling knowing that you are actively supporting someone's livelihood and dream and of course, your gifts will be unique and thoughtful rather than just another "thing". 

taproot is a quarterly (ad-free!) magazine filled with inspiring stories, poetry, photography and so much more. In their words it is 'by and for people living fully and digging deeper'.

Hip Mountain Mama is the awesome, ecologically conscious purveyor of "Funky Style for Free Spirits" 
{use code 'thankful' for 15% off through Monday}

Laura Emily's good earth living is a selection of beautiful, holistically-minded e-courses ranging from a year-long Apothecary Circle to a week of one-on-one focus meant to cultivate balance during the holiday season. She is also donating 15% of her proceeds to raise $5000 by December 31st to provide water to the developing world.
{use code 'COMMUNITY' for 30% off her courses}

I hope these give you some great ideas! 
Remember etsy is full of great shops and gorgeous vintage and handmade items too.


  1. ooh, never heard of taproot before. thanks.

    1. quite welcome!

      your blogs are absolutely lovely by the way! I'm soaking up your Holistic Mama wisdom!